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You’re responsible for operating and maintaining a solar power plant, and you understand that even a small increase in energy production can be the difference between exceeding your targeted returns And falling short.

Complete service solutions for global and local customers

We offer a complete suite for Land Owners

Solar project developers have found a solution to the land acquisition issue dogging the sector. Instead of buying land for their projects, these developers are entering into 25 to 30 years lease rental agreement with landowners. As part of the agreement landowners are receiving a lump-sum amount of at least Rs 1 lakh per acre per year from the project developers for the lease period.

We offer a complete suite of Developers

Developers aren’t just the big guys planning multi-megawatt solar farms in the desert. Even small residential projects needs a trusted company to plan and assign tasks. These are the Solar Power World Top Solar Developers, that just so happened to develop.

We offer a complete suite of asset Investors

To maximize the benefits of solar energy, advanced technology must be matched with optimal financing and incentives. Our strong financial relationships and deep knowledge of local tax incentives enable us to ensure that each customer receives maximum return from solar energy.

Beyond sustainability

Planning for sustainability is part of doing business today, and solar can be the foundation of your program. We design our solar systems to deliver predictable, long-term financial benefits. In addition, we can help you take advantage of the other benefits solar has to offer.

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We can help promote your sustainability efforts to customers and your community.

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We offer employee discount programs that let you extend the benefits of sustainability from workplace to home - and boost employee retention in the process.


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